#5 – Run an official 5K marathon

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The title of this post is actually incorrect. Right now I am preparing to run a 10-miler and NOT a 5K in April. I’m not sure how I got roped into this since I can barely run 2 miles without stopping. I think we can chalk it up to temporary insanity. My girlfriend has become completely addicted to running since she completed her first 5K and I think some of her excitement and adrenaline pumped me up in to agreeing to run the 10-miler with her. Now I am coming back to reality!

As of today, I have 3.5 months to train. I decided to take things slow and start from the beginning. My first order of business was to take a “baseline” of my current running ability. In order to do that, I needed to determine how long it takes me to run 1 mile without stopping. I ran on the indoor track today at my gym after meeting the trainer. While the indoor track is no substitute for running outside in the elements, I was not in the mood to run outside in the elements. At 6 this morning it was extremely cold, dreary, and wet outside.

I started of jogging slow; pacing myself and being very aware of my breathing. I did not run at snails pace, but I didn’t try to sprint either. I breathed in deep through my nose and out through my mouth. I had on my specially fitted running shoes, so I felt no shin pain or calf tightening. I was determined not to look at the clock to ensure that I kept an steady pace throughout. As I rounded the track to come to the finishing point on my last lap, I finally looked at the clock. I was immediately shocked and appalled. The clock indicated that it had taken me 12:45 to run a mile.

I was so upset because I just knew I had run faster than that. I wasn’t expecting anything outrageous like 8 minutes. But 10 or 11 would have been nice! The worst part besides the fact that I had not satisfied my own personal expectations is that the Cherry Blossom 10-miler REQUIRES you to keep a 14-minute per mile pace. I have never run more than 3.1 miles before. What if I approach 8 miles and my legs can no longer run? If the fastest I can run is a 12:45-mile, what will happen if I need to stop and walk?!?

All I can say is that I better start improving… quickly!


Cotton Club Party

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I attended one of the most unique parties I have ever been to in Baltimore this past weekend.  The party had  “Cotton Club” theme and was held at the World Trade Center.  It was a very well put together event.  You were expected to dress up in the clothing traditionally worn during the Harlem Renaissance.  Some chicks may not have gotten the memo that this wasn’t any ‘ole costume party, because I saw a pirate and a can-can dancer at one point!  We had an awesome time, but I think I enjoyed putting together my costume and seeing the unique pieces my friends put together MORE than the actual party!

#21 Paint kitchen cabinets

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So I am finally finished.  I must say that I do feel as if my hard work has paid off.  Here are pics of the finished cabinets. Sorry if they are blurry, but they were taken with my iPhone.  Right now I cannot find my stupid camera cable!

Ugly Peachy Cabinets

Exhibit A: Ugly Peachy Cabinets

Just to refresh your mind, these are the ugly peachy cabinets that I had 2 weeks ago…

Updated Cabinets

This is them today! Tada!!!

Get Your House in Order

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So I got this great ( and overly ambitious) idea that I would refinish my own cabinets.  I bought my condo with these disgusting “peachy” colored cabinets.  Over the last 2 years I have received numerous quotes for cabinet replacement and refacing.  And let me tell you, none of the prices I saw made me pleased.  Not one bit.  So my “Interior Decorator”/ “Home Improvement Guru” BFF found a product that was supposed to be the answer to my payers…


Ugly Peachy Cabinets

Exhibit A: Ugly Peachy Cabinets

Its a product called Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.  Here is a quirkly snippet from the product’s literature:

“What exactly is Cabinet Transformations™? Quite simply, it’s a do-it-yourself cabinet refinishing system that creates a premium finish at a fraction of the time and cost of cabinet replacement. Forget about messy demolition, over budget contractors and weeks of disarray in your home. Easily, you can transform your cabinets to match the kitchen or bath of your dreams.”

This process has been grueling at best. My BFF keeps reminding me how happy I will be in the end that I transformed my cabinets at a fraction of the cost.  And that is the only thing that is keeping me going at this point.  Here is the result so far after 14 hours of hard work…

Exhibit B: Cabinet Frames Transformed

Exhibit C: Cabinet Doors Transformed

Step 1 – Degloss and Degrease Cabinets and Frames

So , it took over an hour to remove all my cabinet doors and hinges.  It took an additional 5 hours to scrub each cabinet surface (door and frame) with this goey chemical and  a scrub pad.  Once you are done scrubbing the surface, you must wipe the surface with a wet cloth, followed by a dry cloth, repeating until all suds and surface grease and gloss have been removed.

Step 2 – Bond coat Application

It took well over 8 hours to pain each cabinet door (front and back) and cabinet frame with ONE coat of the paint

Ummmmm yea, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  There is still a crapload of Steps left to accomplish and I’m starting to run out of steam.  My house looks like it has been hit by a hurricane.  And anyone who knows me knows that when my house is dirty I cannot think or concentrate.

In the end my cabinets will look like this (I pray!!!)

#34 – Take a private flying lesson

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I awoke yesterday morning dreading the day ahead.  I am STILL struggling with this issue at work and all I wanted to do was snuggle deeper into the covers and sleep the day away.  I have a nasty little habit of checking my emails as soon as I awake for the day.  I don’t use the bathroom, wash the crust off my face, or even make a cup of coffee before I check my email.  It’s an insane habit and I have no idea when it developed.  What’s even worse is that if I wake up in the middle of the night, after I check the time on my phone, before I can fall asleep, I MUST check my email.

Anyway, when I checked my email I had a wonderful surprise!  She bought me a Voucher for One Discovery Flight Lesson, Including Ground and Air Instruction, an Aerial Log Book, and an Aeronautical Sectional Map from Brett Aviation.

Yaaaay!!!  I am so excited to schedule my flight.  I would like to schedule it now, but I do not plan to go until the weather breaks.  And by then, who knows what my schedule or the weather will look like.

Planes I can fly

It’s My Birthday!

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It’s my bday and although I am at work, I could not be happier.  2011 has already had a few bumps.  But all-in-all I have had a great start to my year.  2010 was such a terrible year, I am determined that 2011 will be MY year.  I am so blessed.  I gotta start acting like I know it!

Shout out to my boy Greibo for sending me an Edible Arrangement!  Happy Birthday to ME!!

#42 – Start a meetup group

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It’s a official.  Me and one of my BFFs have started a meetup group.  The goal is to bring together people who want to take professional cooking classes.  Our main focus will be in-home cooking lessons held at the houses of our members.  But until we can actually  get members, we may have to look for opportunities at local cooking schools and restaurants.  Otherwise it will just be me and my friend at our house with a private chef.  Check us out …


We do not have any official meetup events yet, but it won’t be long.  We are brainstorming as we speak.